Monday, June 8, 2009

wiping on drama queen

Anonymous left this comment on my last post.

Jong, my love, where have you been? I'm having withdrawls.

I missed you too, but please don't leave anonymous comments like this, because it totally looks like I'm writing flattering comments on my own post to myself.

Quick poll: Which of the following is the most pathetic act of desperation and sadness?

A) Writing flattering comments to yourself on your own post.

B) Unathorized use of smoking hot girl's blog contents, private photos and videos for your blog to make people think you're that girl... and breaking the achy breaky heart of mine and those of cluless 13-yr old boys.

c) Going to amusement park by yourself... eating funnel cakes with sugar powder all over your face and waiting in line to ride the rollercoaster by yourself... oh gawd this is so sad :(

Have you told your guildies you love them lately?

If you haven't, que up Willie Nelson's accoustic tunes and tell them they were always on your mind. hey buddy, have I made you feel second best? /hug

My guild came into wrath as a serious contender vying for server 1st and stuff. We was tight. Last week, the summer drama queen came outta no where, swept eight oscar nominations, and one-shotted the guild's stability into the danger zone.

It started with our pally tank going afk. We didn't think much of it cause we thought he got stuck again trying to fist himself. he'll be back next week. It turns out he's playing warhammer and never coming back... then came a series of departures by several key players... including the GM. We were breaking down in the middle of the yogg playoffs.

We didn't get to raid all last week and that poses all kinds of problems for me. I hate developing raid blue balls while the pitbulls inside me are flippin' out to kill stuff.

I didn't even log all weekend because I was tired of all these scrubby papparazzis coming to me for questions. There were speculations of the guild break-up and they wanted to know where I was going. I'm sinking with the ship motherfuckers leave me alone, I told them.

Tonight, I stepped up to ulduar expecting bunch of no shows. I stood there waiting for the raid formation punching myself in the face for taking my guildies for granted in the past. I always thought it was their job to be there with a warm raid spot saved for me when I logged.

The officer in charge somehow pulled the raid together. We had to pug third of the raid and we were running with 3 bear tanks. Wiping on ignis was embarrasing and we're definitely starting all over again-- hey, where do I port to? what does this boss do? does he drop anything leather?... Still, it felt sweet. i love my boyz.


Jong said...

oh my gosh dude. you are so awesome! why are you so awesome?

Hierakles said...

Hierakles, now with more love your blog comments, so you don't have to!

Stoico said...

hehe. We all love you Jong you know that... :)

Sad to hear about the guild, the summer is creeping onto us as well. Had a change to go General last night, but not enough online... :(

Summer is buffed and rdy to raid break.

Lance said...


Keep your cool with the guild, summer-time is always... eventfull

Raxerzk said...

Sorry to hear about the guild drama bro.

Ixobelle said...

dude, you post anonymously? I have like 37 accounts I log into and post all kinds of shit. I start flamewars in my own comments threads, then come on in and ixobelle being like " hey hey now, let's no fight" then I make rude comments at myself and am like OHNOYOUDIN'T (to myself) then delete comments I made myself and am like WTFWHYYOUDELETEMYCOMMENTBITCH and am like...

wait, where was this going?

ByStander said...

hey Awesome Jong , your blog is the last WOW blog I read.... and I believe if you ever stop blogging I'd probably also jump to warhammer , thanks for keeping up a good blog , the humor and all the hardwork, and good luck with your guild

Sprink of Archimonde said...

Just remember, I want to have your internet babies. ^_^

How crazy would ret pally and fire mage internet babies be...?

Anonymous said...


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