Monday, May 4, 2009

You like talking about how good you are? Me too.

What is the mission objective of the chopper riders during the Flame Levi fight?

A) To ride around in a big circle and be dazzled by how the chopper totally brings out the ruggedly handsome renegade Bon Jovi in you.

B) To locate, rescue, and transport the catapult paratroopers into safety.

"So fast… How is that even possible?!?!"

That’s the sound of me impressing myself with my insane rescuing abilities.

Passenger: “Hey, Jong.”

Me: “Yeah?”

Passenger: “What’s the ground like? Is it nice?”

The rescued paratrooper has no idea what the ground looks like, because I pick him up so fast, he has no time to get acquainted with the ground.

I’m telling you, I’m the Travis Rice of chopper rescue rangers. Unfortunately, nobody cares.


Arioch said...

I'm hoping to see Leviathan this week for the first time!

I can only hope that your twin is on a chopper in my raid. Of course, he won't look as good as you do.

Figworth said...

Poop. I wanna ride a chopper. Besides, half the time mine don't get to me in time after I'm kicked off the giant bulldozer.

Dorn said...

I look forward to FL every week for the simple joy of launching dudes from my cannon...although now I will have to give rescuing a try.