Friday, May 29, 2009

pulling posts and some other topics

I've pulled published posts partially or entirely. I do this a lot.

There are two reasons:

1) As you know, I always strive to uphold the elegance and classiness of this blog to the highest standards. Anything I deem less than prestinely elegant, I pull.

2) I've pulled posts within minutes of publishing. This is a good way to give exclusive director's cut reading materials to people who has me on RSS feed.

Effective communication skill is one of several qualities that make my gm such an excellent leader. He never yells. We act like bunch of monkeys but he somehow finds ways to command the raid’s vibe with his soothing nerdy voice. I find that admirable, because I have the leadership qualities of a watermelon. I’m so glad I’m not a momma duck. I couldn’t lead a pack of ducklings across the street. I'd lose all my babies to storm drain and I'd be sad :(


Averna’s resto druid blog is pretty cool. I thought it was going to be all technical like the inflection point at which the marginal throughput of Spell Power exceeds the fancy pants druid stuff is the second derivative of…oh gawd… /snore… but it’s really fun!

Rejuvenate. Revitalize. Innervate... Resto druid spells sound like Herbal Essence Shampoo commercial.


Anonymous said...

Woot woot for the RSS fan club!

Anonymous said...

I totally read your blog about being bad for RP realms because of your blond asian-ness.

And the post about sniffles.

I check this blog like tweens do with Robert Pattinson's Twitter.

Chris said...

I love reading the posts that don't make the cut. Gives me an inside into the head of Jong that those who don't have the feed don't get.

...I'm not convinced that's a good thing, but you know, whatev'.

Sassafras said...

I just thought you were being a tease!

Arioch said...

I miss the pulled posts. =(
Am I going to have to start getting screen shots of everything so I have black mail material later?

Averna said...

JONG likes my blog?!?!

You realize, sir, that this means I've MADE it. I'm IN. Free VIP pass, biotch!

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