Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Group 2 Party Chat

Yesterday, we tried daddy yogg. He bitch slapped us with pride obliterating bitch slaps. My feelings were hurt.

The GM got really mad and yelled at us. Focus, he said. So, after the raid reset, we zoned in and steam-rolled through everything supa fly dope style. The run was schick quattro smooth.

I was able to falcon punch gen vezax into submission and got me this sexy time. Two guys passed it for me and I really hope daddy yogg drops the 1000 top-end damage mace tomorrow so they get it.

I spent all my gold enchating this stuff and now my gold looks like my checking account after christmas. Have you been so broke that you can't believe it? I'm so broke I can't believe it.

The raid group 2 is the leet melee juggernaut group and we chat up throughout the run.

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thedoctor said...

Yogg already uh?

Keep pimping pimpin

HP said...

LOL, you must be a pleasure to raid with. It IS funny seeing a ret pally in a skirt =X

Impadin said...

hehe.... adds all around me but i didnt care, ,my personal dps is more important to me that winning as a team. hehe. I wish I could be more selfish... ;)

Ixobelle said...

this site is fucking priceless. I just made a banner link thing with a picture of Jean Claude and that quote about armor penetration from the article before this.


P.S. yeah 6k DPS. Um. My warlock has to retire. I pulled 4700+ on patchwerk last night, came in at #1, and felt all hot. I fail.

Raxerzk said...

Hey bro.