Thursday, May 7, 2009

epic rogue is epic

20 minutes to raid. I was hungry, but all I had was left-over sushi from last night. I didn't feel like eating sushi two days in a row, so I striped all the fish off rice and grilled them on a frying pan. Throw them babies on a bread, put some tartar sauce on it, and I had me crazy delicious fish sandwich.

We ran into another epic rogue at the ulduar entrance.


Um... no, you're stoppable. I know that for a fact 'cause I just kicked your fucking face in. I, on the other hand, am unstoppable. I cannot be stopped, because 1) I'm the illest ret pally you never known and 2) I'm on a boat.

Now, that's a belt I can settle down and have some kids with. We're gonna have family picnics with bunch of little baby belts running around. daddy! daddy! I hope my gm gives me some rune orbs.


Sassafras said...

How would you discipline a baby belt? I mean.. it's not like you can whip them..... or can you?

Syrana said...

2) I'm on a boat.It's a big blue watery road~


Hatch said...

When the baby belt misbehaves, you whip them with a human child.