Monday, May 11, 2009

The Definitive Guide

Today's topic is ret pally dps cycle. I ran seven hours of stochastic simulation on MATLAB using Black-Karasinski 2-factor diffusion model. After 5000 iterations of cycle optimization, I've concluded that pivoting the nose on D key and rolling to the right and back renders the highest possible DPS output. If you're JC/BS and have 4-pc set bonus, pivoting J and alternating the left-roll and right-roll is still the way to go.

If you have further questions, please email Alex, Josh, or Stoico, 'cause I have no idea what I'm talking about. Thanks.

The state of 3.1 ret pally dps has been holding up to what ghostcrawler said. On some fights, I get blown away and don't even show up on recount. On most fights, I'm somewhere between 3 and 7. On gimmic fights like Auriaya, Kolgarn, and Freya, NOTHING can touch me. I own that shit yo.

Deconstructor, Kologarn, Auriaya, and Freya WWS from last week:


Impadin said...

Why is it so long since I have been here last.. Shame on me, I better get that blogroll up and rolling on the new site.

Good to see you are still on top of your game, I have had the same level of damage. Some fights im no where to be seen, others im up there rolling faces and drooling heaven sauce.

And on a sidenote I have more or less converted to tankadin, ofc with ret as offspec. Does that make me a bad paladin... ;)


Arioch said...

OMG, I knew it!
Paladins have an "I WIN" button!

/cast Hello Kitty
Arthas has died.

HP said...

hahaha, I want to see that Hello Kitty IWIN button in action! said...

I think the I win button is hiding a macro...

/target Kitty
/slaughter Kitty
/Hello Kitty