Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I enjoyed reading Sydera's post.

I think healing is more difficult than melee dps though. Definitely way more stressful. I think the best healers are cool-as-cucumber-under-fire types with keen sense of situational awareness... which means I really shouldn't be healing.

Melee dps came pretty natural for me. Maybe it's because I have the mindset of Sandy, an awesome pitbull I used to have when I was in highschool.

Sandy loved it when I'd point at the worn-out tire I hung up on a tree branch.

"You see that Sandy? What's that? What's that boy?"

He'd stop whatever he's doing and zone in on the kill target woo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo....


He would probably go after any kill target I point out. Anything. Tires, cars, dump trucks, bears, dinosaurs, ... He wouldn't even care. He'd go at the target with the most sincere intention of tearing it apart and he'd do a good job.

On the other hand, if I were to tell him to go pat a kitten or something, he wouldn't know what to do.

"Go smell that flower and pat the bunneh. Lick its wounds. Mend the bunneh's broken heart. Hills are alive, Sandy, with the Sound of Music!"

He'd be all confused. He'd probably eat the bunny and shit all over the flower bed.

EDIT: Licking the bunny's wound is very inaccurate analogy for raid healing. It's more like licking the bunny's wound through a series of 15k mortal strikes thrown out by a huge-ass dragon flippin out on the bunny.

My guild has dope healers. Until recently, I didn't even know that I was supposed to step out of the blizzard storm in Saphiron. I love snow and I generally embrace the blizzard with my face like Jennifer & Oliver embraced the first snow in Love Story. Saphiron and I hold hands and run in circles in that shit. We build our snowmans and dreams together in the eye of the blizzard storm.... My healers heal me right through that sillyness and they've never yelled at me.


David said...

Just found this blog today. Great stuff, and hilarious post mate.

Healers are an interesting breed and the polar opposite of melee dps. Melee dps, while still having to be very observant, do not need to be concerned with much other than themselves.

Rotations, moving out of AoE damage, etc.

Healers have to mother the entire group. Some people love that, others just can't stand it.

I like neither. Ranged Dps for me ;)

Anonymous said...

I see all these cool UI screenshots and fantasize about nothing being in the way of the beautiful graphics and being able to clearly see those damned void zones on drake fights.

Instead, I get to try putting the healing frames as close to my feet as possible. It's not clutter, it's your ass!