Monday, April 6, 2009



Are you going to Blizzcon 2009? I am!

I'm going to meet alllll the developers and creative directors. I'm gonna wear the friendliest nerdiest smile and ask, "Hi, did you come up with the Toy Train idea :D ?" Eventually, I'll run into the genious who signed off on the wonderful idea. I'm gonna put him on a George Saint-Pierre choke hold. Then I'm gonna yell chugga chugga chugga chugga CHOO CHOO! until his left ear starts to discharge bloody green ooze. I'm hoping to traumatize him to the point where he shits himself everytime he encounters any image, sound, or concept resembling a train. Won't you come join the fun?

Why are you dropping a fucking train set right before the pull on an achievement run so that nobody can hear what the raid leader is saying? If you've got 200 gold to piss away, buy yourself flaks. You know what I'd buy with 200 gold? I'd buy some real estates. You know, buildings, houses, huge chunks of land... so I can drop'em on Sartharion's face.

Pop-quiz hot shot:

Why do raiders use ventrilo?

a) To blurt out irrelevant, unfunny, unwitty comments at the most inopportune moment to people who don't wanna hear that crap.

b) To facilitate raid coordination and diseminate mission critical information during boss fights.

c) To rock the doppest looking headset just like Britney when we're alone in living room.

Is it true that Blizzard's gonna fix the badge looting mechanics so that the whole raid gets it whenever one person picks it up? oh god, I can't wait.

Look at all those nubs raping the crystal.

"Me first! Me first! I wanna get the badges first!"
"Me too! I wanna get badges too!"
"Me too! I wanna go first too!"


Alex - aka Firelight said...

So jealous!! I wanna go to blizzcon!!

Yes it is true about the emblams! I cant wait either!!

Megan said...

LOL, pw iheartpepsi.