Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Do Not Push the Button

We tried Mimiron and got face-rolled.

This isn't the real felguard, but consider this: out of allllll the people, he chose to stand next to me. Coincidence?... yeah, I think so.

I remember watching this Japanese hidden camera prank show: 1) hammer down a solid metal stake into the ground; 2) cut out the bottom of a cola can; 3) cover the metal stake with the can; and 4) put up a huge sign that says "Please DO NOT kick the can" in big red bold letters.

I don't know what it is about human nature... I mean, every other douchebag coming down the street would see the sign, look at the can, look at the sign, look at the can, get a good running start, kick the shit out of the can, and absolutely own himself. Every single one.

Ideally, I always prefer the win-win scenario. You win I win. It's good. If you happen to insist on a win-lose scenario, I won't like the losing end of it, but at least I'd understand WHY you'd insist on such scenario. You believe that zero-sum gain is the only possible solution and you wanna win. I get it; it makes perfect sense.

Now, if somebody insists on a lose-lose scenario, I don't like it and I'm really confused.... why? Everyone died, everyone thinks you're an idiot, some people are really pissed, and you just hosed the raid's vibe. No winners here...
...I have a feeling I'm out of line to wonder why, because this has to be one of those Applejacks cereal commercial question:

"Why do you kids like Applejacks when they don't taste like apples?"

"We just do!"


Dorn said...

Every time we push the Mimiron button it reminds me of this guy: http://i147.photobucket.com/albums/r293/dlaiaco/untitled.jpg

Sassafras said...

Press Butan!!