Tuesday, March 24, 2009

whenever I feel like crying, I think, "what would uncle Curt would do?"

How did US get spanked by Japan in baseball? Baseball, you know, America's favorite past-time? That's as embarassing as Japan losing to America in something like World Rice Eating Championship. I tell you right now, if Japan lost to America in rice eating competition, they would all seppuku on the spot.

Japan brought their A game. Everyone had food buff, flaks, scrolls, and they were all let's go Tenno Heika BANZAI!!!

America was plagued with bunch of cry babies who didn't wanna play. They would have won if they played like uncle Curt. Remember game 2, 2004 world series?

"What's it look like doc? Oh, my ruptured tendon is gonna snap all around and squirt blood every time I pitch so I should sit out? Yeah, fuck that, put some dirt on it, tape it up and let's GO."

If you missed that game, you missed the most epic manhood defining moment ever. You would have jeezed your pants.

EDIT: I would call Curt Schilling my daddy, but I can't because Grom Hellscream is my daddy.

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