Monday, March 23, 2009


Which one of you geniuses designed the naxx summoning area? I hate being crowded and I hate bumping elbows with other dudes. I was trying to click on the portal, and I accidentally brushed my hand against a dwarf chic’s side boob. eww. that just ruined my whole day.

type @ for summons. and if you come through that portal sitting on a huge-ass mount, I’m gonna punch you in the nuts

of course all the cows mount up on the biggest mount they can find right before accepting the summon just to mess with me.

Some of the loading screen tips are very helpful. I find some to be almost inspirational, like those tips Mufasa gives to Simba….

Remember who you are. You are the illest ret pally of crazy multi-tasking skillz. You can eat and drink at the same time.

Yesterday, my alt hunter got invited to an alt naxx run hosted by the #1 guild on our server. I was on my best behavior and I was vomiting sunshine on everyone’s face— hi! Ohai! Hello! — and guess what? I got invite back for next week! just like blizzard done told me they would!

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Past Expiry said...

Chicken soup themed cartoon for your blog !