Thursday, March 19, 2009

maslow's pyramid

I’m easily amused. If someone started wiggling a laser point infront of me, I’d run in circles chasing that thing with a huge-ass grin on my face running into walls.

If someone threw a snow ball at me, oh man, I’d get FIRED UP. I got stacks of them babies in my bag. The other day, I piled up all my snow balls and built a polar bear snow man. Hopefully that stupid lady will get the sign: I really want me a polar bear mount.

Everyone around me seems burnt out. I’m not burnt out. It’s just that warcraft isn’t the #1 priority so much. My priority in life usually goes like this: 1) warcraft; 2) money; 3) girls; 4) scotch/IPA; 5) food; and 6) sleep… I’d put warcraft around #3 now days.

You know what would make my parents really proud? The fact that every source of my inspiration in life is completely contained within the bottom rung of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. hell yeah.
What I find absolutely fascinating is that sex and sexual intimacy are bifurcated, where the latter is only sought after by advanced life forms… what the hell is sexual intimacy? Is that like spooning and stuff?

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Stoico said...

hehe, I so much enjoy reading your posts. They always make me in such a good mood. You alwasy see positive and have a undertone of trouble and fun in em.

Im one of the burned out people, what it have made me see it things and wow from another perspektive. Actually a thing I will make a post about very soon, its in the making atm.