Wednesday, March 11, 2009

go go smite

In maly phase 2, our fury warrior of fury takes the disc first. Then goes the death knight of death. Then goes the supa fly ret pally. When three of us are airborne, it’s look out scions! Grab on to your hover disc and hold on to your nuts! It’s geegee for you! We churn through them scions faster than you can shotgun 12oz coors lites.

Last week, we gave the disc priorities to holy priests and resto pallies so they can get the achievement to deliver a killing blow.

Go get’em healers!

“Me first! Me fist!”
“How do I get on? How do I get on?”
“Just right-click it man.”

It was hilarious watching them wobble through the air. I trailed one of them with the excitement and nervousness of a dad following his six-yr-old son riding a bike without the training wheels for the first time.

“Eek! Eek! Smite! Smite! Take that you bad scion! Feel the wrath of my holy puffballs!”

I knew the scion felt the thrashing of the priest’s hello kitty healing mace, but he simply refused to acknowledge the presence of the priest. I think he was offended. He turned around and gave me the most accusatory look that says, Are you fucking serious? Show me some respect.

Sorry dude. Don’t mean to disrespect, but my priest needs the achievement.

Then I realized what a pain it must for the healers to grind dailies and farm stuff. I’m really glad dual spec is coming so they don’t have to go through this.

I think I’m gonna go farm some flasks for them.

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Lance said...

Indeed, sometimes things die so slowly when you 're holy.. (could be a song...).

DSpecs will indeed offer some punch for us `medics'.